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Bousquet Presiding over MOU Signing Ceremony at Qatar University

December 6, 2009
On behalf of Chancellor Martin, Gilles Bousquet, Dean of the Division of International Studies, has traveled to Doha to attend the MOU signing ceremony between UW-Madison and Qatar University.  Stay tuned for photos!
The Office of the President
Cordially invites you to Attend
The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding
Qatar University
The University of Wisconsin
Time:  11:00 AM
Date:  Monday, December 7th 2009
Location: Reception Hall, Administration Building, Qatar University

Invited by Qatar University’s College of Education, among others, Dean Bousquet will also present his talk, “Beyond Internationalization: The 21st-Century Global University,” to faculty and administrators at the university.

Inside Islam Wins Award for “Groundbreaking Effort” in Web Writing about Muslims

December 3, 2009

Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debates has won one of the Sixth Annual Brass Crescent Awards, citing “a groundbreaking effort by the University of Wisconsin, Inside Islam has built a blog concurrent with podcasts and a radio show with the help of its students.” This award puts the Inside Islam team among the most influential Muslim bloggers from all over the world!

The Brass Crescent Awards started in 2004 with the purpose of promoting the best writing of the Muslim Web and exposing it to a greater number of readers. Awards are given on an annual basis, based on the Islamic calendar.

Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debates is a joint project of the UW-Madison’s international and area studies centers and Wisconsin Public Radio’s Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders. The project, spearheaded by Global Studies, is supported by a grant from the Social Science Research Council in New York City.

Brittany Killian Awarded $6,000 to Study in Beijing

December 3, 2009

Brittany Killian was recently awarded a $6,000 scholarship from the U.S. Department of Education, International Education Program Service – Fulbright-Hays Groups Project Abroad (GPA) Project: Advanced Chinese Language Training Programs.  She will be studying abroad spring 2010 through International Academic Programs (IAP) at the CIEE Study Center Intensive Chinese Language program in Beijing.

The CIEE scholarship program was created with funding from the U.S. Department of Education Fulbright-Hays Projects Abroad to provide scholarship funding to qualified CIEE program participants that intend to continue advanced studies in the Chinese language and pursue a career in academia or public affairs following their semester or year with CIEE in China or Taiwan.

According to the latest data reports, China is the third most popular destination for study abroad students across campus.  International Academic Programs currently offers eleven programs in China.  If you would like to learn more about programs in China, visit IAP’s Web page.

If you would like  information about additional UW-Madison Fulbright-Hays funding opportunities specific to graduates and faculty, visit the Fellowship office.

Congratulations, Brittany!

Great Festivals of Japan: Experiences Abroad

December 3, 2009

Meet alumni abroad correspondents, Jeff Oloizia and Neal  Vermillion. Follow their journeys abroad on the Badgers Abroad Blog. Below is an entry from Oloizia who highlights festivals in Japan.

Great Festivals of Japan: Awa Odori

Step outside the glass doors of Tokushima Station on any day of the year, and you may not be overwhelmed by what you see. Buses pull in and out of the station trading commuters on their way to work, a small shopping arcade looms ahead with only a smattering of retired ladies and truant students meandering about its wares, and a great bank of vacant taxis sits and waits for a rush of traffic that will likely never come.  It is, after all, the capital of what some consider to be Japan’s most rural prefecture.

Step outside these doors between the 12th and 15th of August, however, and you’ll be in for something wholly different. Suddenly the station area has become a smorgasbord of noise and color. Packs of women dressed in beautiful kimono smile as they pass you, their wooden geta clopping pleasantly on the pavement. They know the secret. Distant taiko drums shake you and mark out the beat of your own footsteps as the bright yellow taxis now whiz by. Already you can hear the singing: “Odoru aho ni miru aho; onaji aho nara odoranya son son!”

Entering one of the dancing stages

It’s a fool who dances and a fool who watches; if both are fools, you might as well dance!

Continue to read this entry and follow the Badgers Abroad Blog.

Economy May Be to Blame for Decrease in International Student Enrollment

December 1, 2009

WPR News Headline — Although more international students are enrolling at American universities, the UW-Madison has actually seen its numbers drop this year.

The Institute of International Education reports foreign student enrollment nationwide has gone up eight percent, for an all time high of about 672,000 students.

Jason Jonely is the Assistant Director for International Student Services at UW-Madison and says they’ve seen a decrease in the number of foreign students this year. International student enrollment is 3,787 this year, down from last year’s enrollment of around 4,200. He says the state of the world economy may be to blame. He says one of the countries with a declining enrollment is South Korea, where the won has decreased in value against the U.S. dollar.

Jonely says except for a slight drop after the events of September 11, the number of international students at UW-Madison had been steadily increasing.

The most foreign students at UW-Madison come from China, followed by South Korea and India.

UW-Madison ranks 19th among American universities that have at least 1,000 international students. UW-Milwaukee ranks 155th.

This article was written by Meghan Wons and appeared in the WPR News Headline on Monday, November 30, 2009.

Lodi’s International Education Week Broadens Students’ Horizons [Wisconsin State Journal]

December 1, 2009

LODI – When Max Love attended the annual International Education Week at Lodi High School as a student there, it fueled his interest in global learning and led to his desire to serve in the Peace Corps in Eastern Europe.

A 2009 Lodi High School graduate, he returned to the event this year as a guest speaker on multicultural and international education. Now a UW-Madison student in Middle Eastern studies, he received a scholarship to study Arabic and wanted to let students know about the opportunities that exist.

“It’s immeasurable,” said Love about the effect of International Education Week.

Read the full article, written by Pamela Cotant, that appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal on November 29.  Also, read more about International Education Week at UW-Madison.

In a Few Wor(l)ds: The World Literature/s Conference – December 3-5

December 1, 2009

In a Few Wor(l)ds: The World Literature/s Conference will happen December 3-5, in the Pyle Center located at 702 Langdon Street.  The keynote address, “World Literature in a Post-Literary Age” will be given by David Damrosch from Harvard University on Thursday, December 3 at 7 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

National and International Speakers include:

* David Damrosch (Professor and Chair, Literature and Comparative Literature, Harvard University)
* Peter Höyng (Professor, German, Emory University)
* Djelal Kadir (Professor, Comparative Literature, Penn State University)
* Paulo de Medeiros (Professor, Portuguese and Comparative Literature, Utrecht University)
* Tania Roy (Assistant Professor, English and Comparative Literature, National University of Singapore)
* Azade Seyhan (Professor, German and Fairbanks Professor in the Humanities, Bryn Mawr College)
* Rebecca Walkowitz (Associate Professor, English and Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers University)

The conference is sponsored by the Institute for Research in the Humanities, Global Studies, Center for European Studies, German & European Studies, Center for the Humanities, and many others.